The Health Requirements For Wearing Dentures & How They Are Customized

Have you had it with your missing teeth preventing you from enjoying some of your favorite foods? You may find that dentures are the perfect solution to your problem. Below, learn about the health requirements for wearing dentures and how they can be customized by a denturist for security.

What are the health requirements for wearing dentures?

A denturist will hold off on creating your dentures if you have oral health problems that are in need of care. You will have to be examined to find out if your jawbones, gums and teeth are healthy. X-ray will allow the denturist to get a look at your jawbones, which may verify the reason your teeth have fallen out. Gum disease can also be detected and it will be treated with antibiotics if it is not too severe.

You may also be required to undergo a root canal if one of your remaining teeth is found to have a deep cavity that exposes the pulp chamber. A root canal is an important dental procedure because it brings the pump chamber back to a healthy condition. The pulp chamber is an area of your teeth that contains vital parts like nerves and blood vessels, which can get infected from bacteria found in plaque. The root canal will simply allow a dentist to drill a hole in a tooth (if necessary) and remove dead pulp.

How can a denturist customize dentures for security?

The key to creating custom dentures that will fit securely in your mouth is for a denturist, like those at Burke Mountain Denturist, to measure the distance between your jaws. The measurements will prevent the dentures from being made too large or small. Another aspect of customizing your dentures will involve creating an impression of any teeth that you may still have. The impression is quickly created by you biting down on dental putty.

After the measurements and impression is obtained, the denturist will speak to you about the color of dentures that you want. You can get them white, or they can be created to match the exact color of your natural teeth. Upon completing your dentures, you will get to try them on. Tweaks can be made if you don't feel comfortable wearing them.

Wearing dentures will give you teeth to chew with and a beautiful smile, but they must be removed when they are not needed. Removing the dentures will allow you to sanitize them in a special solution. Take care of your dentures and remaining natural teeth by brushing on a daily basis!