4 Reasons Why You Should Get Treatment if Your Teeth Are Crooked Again After Braces

If you had braces as a kid and now your teeth are starting to move around again, you want to get to the orthodontist before the problem gets any worse. Crooked teeth can be a problem at any age, and the longer you wait to get the problem stopped and corrected, the longer you'll need orthodontic treatment.

It may be necessary for you to wear some sort of device or braces to get the teeth to shift back into place. Here are a few reasons why having crooked teeth is concerning for all.

Crowding Causes Cavities

If your teeth are crowding and shifting, they could be trapping bacteria and food. If you can brush the entire surface area of the teeth, or floss properly because the teeth are overlapping, this can increase your risk of getting cavities. Trapped plague can also deteriorate the tooth enamel to leave the tooth exposed, and cause sensitivity.

Gum Tissue Suffers

If the teeth start shifting, some of the gum tissue may be left open. Trapped bacteria can eat at the gums, causing gum disease. Crowding can also damage the gum tissue and cause pain while the teeth are moving. You may want to have a tissue cleaning if the teeth have been crowded for a while, or if you can notice discoloration.

Distracting Imperfections

Crooked teeth may cause people to look at your mouth when you are talking instead of into your eyes. It can make you feel self-conscious when you laugh, smile, or meet someone from the first time. Fixing the problem will return your confidence. The teeth might also be affecting your speech, causing you to have difficulties pronouncing your words.  

Repair Options

Professionals like York & Bay Dental Office Orthodontics will look at your mouth to determine if you need braces or a retainer to fix your flaws. If you need to have braces, you can go with the clear pieces that others don't recognize, and you can take out when needed.  You could also ask about lingual braces, which go on the backs of your teeth. This is a great way to fix the shifting problem that you have discretely.

The crowding may also indicate that your jaw is shifting, which can cause breathing problems and pain or discomfort in the jaw socket. You want to get a consultation by an orthodontist to see if you can get the treatment started, and to find out why your teeth are moving back.