2 Reasons To Utilize An Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist, like those at the Walk In Dental Clinic,  is an important resource to have at your disposal, mostly because he or she will often be available at all hours of the day and night. In addition, many emergency dentists will also be able to help you out on the weekends and during some holidays. This type of dentist is helpful when it comes to keeping infection from spreading and alleviating pain.

Keep Infection From Spreading

One of the biggest reasons to see an emergency dentist is to keep a tooth from becoming infected and spreading that infection to other teeth. This is actually quite common if you have a filling or crown that has fallen off, usually because this exposes the interior of your tooth and your nerves to foreign material. Once food gets into that area, it can begin to rot and cause infection, especially if the food gets deep enough into the tooth that your toothbrush cannot reach it.

In that situation, you will not want to wait until the end of the weekend or the end of a long holiday to get to a normal dentist, because that time can allow for your dental issues to get worse and cost you a lot of money. If you wait, you could end up in a situation where you will need a root canal or other major procedure to resolve your issue. An emergency dentist can see you immediately and simply replace the filling or reattach your crown.

Alleviate Pain

Another reason to see an emergency dentist is to keep yourself from experiencing more pain than you have to. Probably the last thing you want when experiencing dental pain is to have to wait a few days before your dentist can see you. Dental pain can easily get bad enough that you are not able to eat, sleep, or relax until it is treated.

Thankfully, an emergency dentist will be able to help you resolve the issue that is causing the pain in the first place. However, an emergency dentist can simply help you alleviate the pain if you would rather have any more extensive work performed by your regular dentist. For example, the emergency dentist can prescribe pain medication or simply seal a broken or exposed tooth temporarily.

Speak to an emergency dentist today in order to discuss the many services that he or she will be able to provide. An emergency dentist can help you keep your dental issues from getting worse while waiting for a traditional dentist, while also helping you to minimize or eliminate dental pain when your normal dentist is not available.