2 Potential Dental Health Complications For Cancer Patients

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, you will soon come into contact with a varied team of medical professionals. You might expect encounters with radiologists and chemotherapy providers. However, did you know that your dentist also becomes an important part of this team? There are a variety of dental health complication tied to cancer treatment. Here are two of the more common problems you might face. Oral Mucositis

Why Cancer In Your Jaw Can Be More Lethal Than You Know And How Your Dentist Can Help

People who develop osteosarcoma or osteoblasts in their jaws have a very complicated type of cancer. It is located in a part of the body that is close to the brain and lymphatic system, and can quickly spread via your teeth. Here is how that works. Cancer in Your Jaw Moves to the Dental Pulp Cancerous cells reproduce rapidly. Either your dentist or your family doctor will notice that something is not quite right, and want to take an immediate X-ray.

What Is Crown Lengthening?

If when you smile, you notice you have an excessive amount of gum tissue and not as much tooth surface showing, you may need the crown lengthening procedure. You have what is called a gummy smile, where you have a lot of gum tissue that is covering your teeth. Some people don't like the appearance of their smile from this issue, or they need a dental procedure performed by someone like Dr Steve Mocrae that requires more of the tooth to be exposed.